What is mobile-friendly design?

What is mobile-friendly design

More than half of all cell phone users have a smart-phone generation phone. This means your customers are also finding products and services on the phone’s internet, not just at their computer. Does your website translate well on the mobile web? Make sure it does with either a mobile web app or a mobile website.

Think about your customer’s experience. If they’re searching on their phone, chances are they need your service or directions to your location right then. You need to make sure your information is fast, organized and designed just for the mobile internet. Remember, the mobile user is constrained by the speed of the network they are on or the strength of the wi-fi they’re using. Chances are, they’re not using a 20MB download connection, so you must give them a user-friendly option or risk their impatience and quick retreat from a slow or unusable site. Can you afford to take this chance?

Can your business benefit from a mobile app? Not every business can justify a mobile app, but for those that can, creating an app can give you recurring clients, quick response to specials, or valuable user behavior data that can help you grow and measure success.

Let our creative team help you think of an app that is beneficial to your clients. We can guide you through all the obvious cheesy app ideas that, frankly no one will download, and come up with a true tool for you and your business and your customers.