Website Design FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about website design

If you have questions about web design in Fargo ND. We have answers!

There isn't one answer to this question. All websites and businesses are different. Price usually depends on how complicated the website is and how much work is involved to build it. Every business and website is unique and so are the requirements. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your goals and how the website will function to get a good estimate of the work involved to put together a quote. On average a small business website will run about $3,000 – $5,000 price range but can be more or less depending on your goals and requirements.

A new website design project can take two to four weeks, but it often depends on when we receive the text, web content, logo, and images. Every new website also may depend on approval stages and or edits at each stage. This just assures each client gets the website that works for them. More advanced business websites like e-commerce might take two to three weeks more time to develop.

"Yes, of course. We develop eCommerce websites that sell products and services for small to very large business types websites.

Yes, every website design we develop includes search engine optimization. When your new website is developed we add critical optimization data into your website.

Yes, we have approval stages built into the development process so you are able to view your new web design mock-up, see the new website in a web development area. You can review each stage, request changes, and approve each stage before your new website gets published online.

Yes, some websites take more than a set it and forget it approach. All websites will require updates, maintenance, security, and ongoing web maintenance or edits. WordPress websites require routine technical maintenance to promptly install updates and security patches to WordPress core files and WordPress plugins to protect your site from being hacked. Other non-WordPress website require similar attention. If you are not comfortable with code then this could be very problematic or even take down your website. On average this could be $47/mo or more depending on how often you update and what security options you select.

Yes, web hosting is very important! When it comes to website hosting, you get what you pay for. You can get a really cheap hosting account for $8 to $15 per month but isn't all that secure, and not advised. These hosting accounts can easily be hacked by bad actors. We have added security plans and monitoring services that add additional layers that limit this type of negative activity. Managed hosting can be $37 to $47/mo depending on security, monitoring, backups, and general maintenance. You can use your hosting or we can host your website. It's up to you.

We can't 100% guarantee this. Nothing online is hack-proof, but we do offer basic level security along with advanced security options that are and can be put in place make being hacked much less likely. If you combine our practices with strong passwords and good security configurations, you can sleep at night knowing your site is secure. You must keep all software, source code, plugins, and SSL up-to-date, backup your website, and change your passwords often.

Not at all. There are many factors that will help your website place in search engines, and it might place well over time. If you hear this or you find a web developer that guarantees first-page placement, you should run.

No. We work with many local and national clients. A majority of what we do is web-driven so anything web can be sent in a few ways. We can get all the information we need by email, Google drive, or Dropbox. This includes your print ready logo (.ai), images or photos, and web content/text. We will also request meetings over the phone or in person so we can all be on the same page.

We have been in business for fourteen years and love what we do.

We have worked on over 1000 web projects for local and national clients. This includes WordPress, web app development, html, php, asp, custom code, custom WordPress plugins, e-commerce web design, and many small to large WordPress business websites. You name it, we have developed it for just about any device.

Absolutely! We love it when clients to take control of their website and learn to manage their own content. There are also many free online tutorials that will help you manage your new website. This saves time and money but if you are busy running your business we can also edit it for you. Content updates like text, images, photos, links, or basic editing is by the hour at $47 to $65 per/hr depending on the work involved.

Yes, we can! We provide on-going support for many of our clients. If you need help - we’ve been doing this for 14 years, and we aren’t going anywhere. Ask us about our Support Packages.

Absolutely! A mobile-friendly website is very important to people on mobile devices. We work hard to ensure your website looks great on browsers and a variety of mobile devices.

You need an up-to-date modern website that's focused on your user experience, loads fast on all devices, and fit's your business goals. Having a beautiful well thought out website will set you apart from the rest.

We believe it takes 1000 hours to learn a basic skill, and 10,000 hours to be an expert. We have more than 26,000 hours of web design experience. This means we have mastered website design and website SEO skills you need to be successful online.

We can code your website in just about any programming language. We can use WordPress for some websites because it's a great content management system that now powers more than 30% of the web. Its huge market share is due to it’s flexibility and ease of use.

Evey project is half down to start the project, and the remainder when you approve the final work to be published on the web. Our monthly services are fully automated monthly payments. A new website is a big investment and want to help make it an easy process for your business. We use Stripe which is one of the most trusted payment processing platforms.

You provide the content. Website content, text, or copy will come from you as you are the expert in your own business. You don't need to write a book. Your content for each page should be about 400 words that explain who, what, when, where, why, and how of your business. We work with many businesses and can't be experts in all but we do offer website content writing at an additional cost.

We have a few minimal plans that fit just about any small budget. This type of new website will help get you online with a beautiful website fast.

Quite a bit! Your input is crucial to the design and development process. We ask quite a few questions about your goals and needs and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality to fit your business.

Here are a list of basic things you will need to start a web project. You can email this or we can send a dropbox file for you to add your content.

  • A quality logo normally in a .ai print ready format.
  • You need a good quality set of 10-15 photos or images.
  • Quality content. Each page should have 300-400 words of text.
  • You will need to have a business domain name.