What is custom web design?

What is custom web design

If you are concerned with getting local search results, the best thing to start with is a custom website that is built specifically for your market. Custom websites are no longer just about capturing your branding online. There is no need for a branded website if it doesn’t show up in your customer’s search results. We build our websites with your target market as a priority and your branding as a guide. All of our custom sites are fully SEO’d, down to the server we put it on.

Did you know that the download speed of your website is also a major factor in your search engine placement? Most hosting services don’t allow for optimal SEO due to the fact that it’s probably shared hosting. We can explain more when you call us.

The difference between a custom website and using a website builder services can be the difference between getting results and paying a lot of money in the future to SEO the impossible. Most website builders allow you to add keywords and metadata, but that’s not full SEO. If you’re using a template, they’re often filled with extra lines of code to explain the features of the template to anyone who’s using it. That code could slow your results. And with a site builder service and with templates, there are many other websites out there that look just like yours. Is that what you need?

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