Our Website Design & Development Four Step Process

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Our Website design process is a four step process. Following a detailed website design and development process can help you and our web designers achieve your goals. Suite 171 in Citrus County, Florida, develops websites that help businesses connect, engage, and promote products or services. We provide web solutions that solve your problems, and generates long term value.

What is Website Design?

Briefly, website design involves the planning and creation of a website. This planning process will define the way we structure images, web photography, copy, content, and web graphics in a way that display on various web and mobile devices. This includes user experience design, search engine optimization, information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, and web imagery.

4 Step Web Design Process

1. Discover – We meet with you to discuss your website design goals and outline the website design deliverables that will help you achieve your goals. This discovery process helps define project expectations, deliverables, timelines, and project estimates. During this process, we will define the website structure, visual elements, and your development needs. Collecting your website content is extremely important as it will dictate the overall design look and feel. We use a shared folder so you are able to send your website content, logo, and web photography or images. Once we have all of your content we will be able to start designing exactly what you need. The next step is design which is more exciting. See more about preparing and sending your website content below.

2. Design – This design phase is where our web designers incorporate your web content into a visual mock up or wireframe example so you can see what the design will look like. The mockup will help us nail down colors, logo placement, content placement, and basic website structure before the coding and programming starts. It’s very important that any edits or modifications are worked out during this phase as the next step will be where we add the coding.

3. Develop – This is where we take the visual mockup design and code or program it so it can be viewed on web and mobile devices. The web development for your design can be added to a development area for you to review the web development progress.

4. Deploy – The final website design step is to publish your new website for everyone to see on the Internet.

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy

People also ask

At the start of the web design process we will need a few things:


  • Provide a quality logo .ai file in a print ready format.
  • Provide a high quality set of 10-15 photos or images.
  • Provide Quality content. 300-400 words of text for each page.
  • You will need to have a business domain name. With login credentials

Yes! We ask for your input at each stage of the development process so you get exactly what you want.

Once the website is launched we can help you as little or as much as you need.

Once we receive your text, images, logo, and a few examples of what you like it can take a few weeks or more depending on how much work is involved and the website functionality. Larger advanced websites require more work and time.

Absolutely! We put the website in a unpublished web development area so you can see how it works. Again, we ask for you to review the website and approve it before it’s launched on the Internet.