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Spectrum Internet Inverness, Florida

How to fix poor internet connection problems

Spectrum internet fix poor connection problemsThis will help you if you use Spectrum Internet in Inverness, Florida and have coaxial cable outlets in your home. We use spectrum as our internet service provider and have had many issues with downtime, streaming, and frequent disconnects. Because of the many connection issues we really hope AT&T moves into our local area. You can’t fix poor internet services but one problem we could solve was our ability to reach specific rooms that our current internet couldn’t reach and had zero Internet. This helped connect our PC’s and smart tv’s in the main and spare bedrooms.

ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 Network Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax was the perfect solution when we needed internet in multiple locations.

Spectrum Internet tech help advised us to buy another plan but we didn’t want to. You don’t need to purchase another router and monthly plan for your home if you have coaxial cable outlets already installed. Thankfully, our home already had the coaxial cable outlets we needed to run internet and get better WiFi to all rooms. We used the ScreenBeam and this issues was solved.