SEO Pros and Cons

Let’s get on thing clear about local search. The second page of Google search results only receives a collective 6% of all search traffic.

Here’s a table listing the pros and cons of SEO and ranking on the first page of search engine results:
Pros Cons
  Increased Visibility.   Reduced Visibility on any other page.
  Higher Click-Through Rates.   Lower Click-Through Rates on any other page.
  Enhanced Brand Credibility.   Limited Organic Traffic on any other page.
  Increased Organic Traffic.   Brand Credibility Impact on any other page.
  Competitive Advantage.   Competitive Disadvantage on any other page.
  Cost-Effective Marketing   Dependency on Paid Advertising after page one
  Better User Experience   Difficulty Establishing Authority after page one
  Opportunity for Authority Building   Limited User Feedback From Customers


This table provides a factual comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of appearing on the first page of search engines like Google. Why pay 5x more for digital marketing if you can gain 5x more in traffic? Website SEO in Florida isn’t rocket science. We can build the last website design your business will need, you can easily edit, that includes SEO, get your business found online where people look.