How to change outbound to inbound marketing

How to change outbound to inbound marketing

Why your website should work as a marketing tool.

Using the Internet for marketing allows you to switch from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. Instead of spending time, energy, and a lot of money sending marketing pieces out to people, buying radio and tv ads to be broadcast out to people, spending money on direct mail campaigns sent out to people for a 3% return if you’ve done them well, use the internet to bring people in.

When you have a website that has good search engine placement for your targeted keywords, the people who are searching online for your products or services will find you. They come to you. 85% of adults use the internet, and most of those people pre-shop, research, or buy products online. This means that your target market is online looking for you at some point. Don’t you want to be found by them?

You change the game when your website is found by your customers during their peak interest. They have specifically fired up their web browser to search for a company like yours. They want to learn about your products. They want to know what makes you different. They want to choose where to spend their money. When you send out mass marketing, you’re goal is to convince people to think about your type of product. With inbound marketing provided by a good website, you are getting in front of the right people at the right time – when they are open to the sale. They have sought you out.

You must provide multiple ways for the captive consumer to become your customer. Some people will call, some will email for more information, some will buy now, some will want to receive your newsletter, but every single one of them will want to know they’re getting a great deal. Offer coupons, internet specials, discounts for emailing their information or free downloads. When you capture visitors’ information, they are essentially giving you the green light to market to them. They want to know more or be a part of your client club.