Our Story: We started to help businesses with marketing.

Suite171 web design owner Citrus County, FloridaOur digital marketing agency in Citrus County, Florida. Suite 171 LLC is a family / veteran owned business. We started as underdogs and have been successful at helping many businesses with website SEO, web design and development, apps, logos, and marketing. But still remember our humble beginnings and hope to pass this along. Our business will be 17/yrs old this year. Time really flies by when you do something you truly enjoy and doesn’t seem like work. It doesn’t seem like we have been in business that long, but it has been a challenge. I couldn’t have started without my Military background or support of my loving wife.

It’s kind of interesting to hear how people start their business. While most people start businesses from a basement or garage, our company was started from a Military Humvee. I remember the days; BDU’s on, face paint, writing my business plan, writing html and css code in notepad on an old laptop. After studying CIS in college, many years serving, and working for the government, I was ready to start a new career in the civilian world. I saw an opportunity to take a different approach to web design and web development. Over one thousands of web projects nationwide including business web design, logo design, digital marketing, and traditional marketing. The rest is history.

Yes, and now we live the fruitful life of web designers, programmers, marketers, and software developers. A creative mesh of code and with black and red earth tone colors, which never mix with brown, tan, or green. Where you get to learn the meaning of “be creative”, the value of clipart log, and the unconditional love people have for stock photos. You want us to build a website like Facebook, but just for college scouts, no problem.

Seriously, it’s been a great adventure, and we look forward to many more years of serving the business community with great online products and web design.

So what’s next?

If your business needs help with website SEO and digital marketing in Florida. We will give you everything possible to help you be successful online including your website SEO, web design, and digital marketing.