Graphic Design with AI

AI Tools for Graphic Design

Graphic designers might use these AI tools.

Tool Name Description Features
Adobe Sensei AI technology integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud Intelligent features like image recognition, content-aware tools, and automatic adjustments
Canva AI-enhanced graphic design platform Automatic design suggestions, template customization, and image cropping
Tailor Brands AI logo and brand identity generator Creates logos, business cards, and other branding materials based on user input
DALL·E Created by OpenAI, generates images from textual descriptions Creates unique and imaginative images based on textual prompts
Artbreeder AI-powered image creation platform Allows users to blend and modify images to create unique compositions
RunwayML Machine learning model platform for creative projects Offers various pre-trained models for image generation, style transfer, and more AI-powered art generator Applies artistic styles to images, turning photos into artwork using neural networks


More about AI tool mentioned in the table above:

1. Adobe Sensei:
– Features: Adobe Sensei offers a wide range of intelligent features within the Adobe Creative Cloud. This includes advanced image recognition, allowing for more efficient organization and tagging of assets. Additionally, content-aware tools leverage AI to intelligently adjust and enhance elements within images. Automatic adjustments, such as color correction and image scaling, are also part of Adobe Sensei’s capabilities.

2. Canva:
– Features: Canva’s AI-enhanced graphic design platform provides users with automatic design suggestions based on the chosen template. The platform also allows for easy customization of templates, making it user-friendly. Canva’s AI algorithms assist in cropping images intelligently, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into the chosen design.

3. Tailor Brands:
– Features: Tailor Brands utilizes AI to create logos and brand identities. The platform’s AI algorithms analyze user input, including preferences and industry details, to generate customized logos. It goes beyond simple design by considering branding elements such as business cards and other materials, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.

4. DALL·E:
– Features: DALL·E, created by OpenAI, generates images based on textual descriptions using a powerful generative model. Users can input textual prompts describing the desired image, and the AI model interprets and produces unique visual representations. This allows for the creation of imaginative and diverse images.

5. Artbreeder:
– Features: Artbreeder‘s AI-powered platform enables users to blend and modify images. It provides a unique and interactive experience where users can adjust various parameters, such as style, color, and composition, to create entirely new and customized visuals. The platform leverages AI to smoothly blend and transition between different image characteristics.

6. RunwayML:
– Features: RunwayML is a versatile machine learning model platform offering various pre-trained models suitable for creative projects. In the context of graphic design, users can leverage models for tasks such as image generation, style transfer (applying artistic styles to images), and other creative applications. It facilitates experimentation with cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

– Features: is an AI-powered art generator that applies artistic styles to images. Users can transform ordinary photos into visually striking artworks by choosing from a variety of artistic styles. The platform uses neural networks to analyze and apply the selected styles, providing a unique and creative approach to image enhancement.