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Mobile Website Design Services

Let's face it, more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to access content on the web, shop, socialize, or navigate. This is not a trend. Most businesses with out dated websites should update to a mobile friendly website. This makes their website readable and user friendly for users on the go.


Older websites can look distorted and stretched on mobile phones, not to mention they’re a pain to navigate and read. We provide a high-quality mobile website design that gives your customers a better user experience. Design and build a mobile friendly website to enhance experiences for mobile users on devices like phones, and tablets.

Suite 171 will help you implement the most effective mobile website design solution for your business goals.

Mobile website design is very important for local Fargo business and national brands. You must keep mobile devices in mind because more traffic now comes from phones and tablets and the traffic from these devices are growing. Your website must be ready for this kind of traffic and potential sales. Mobile users have different behavior than people who are viewing the web from their computer. Visitors from mobile devices have searched and clicked on your site because they need your phone number or address, or they clicked on a link from their facebook page. They are less likely to have done a categorical web search and more likely are specifically looking for you. When they get to your site, we must make it easy for them to get the info they came for.

Responsive Website


Mobile websites use responsive coding technology which allows a site to fit the phone. Often this means that the menu will reduce to a drop down button, the phone number will be a one click call function, and the font will be readable on the device without needing to pinch open the text. We utilize special coding techniques that make a webpage automatically adjust to the resolution of a screen for the best user browsing experience – no more frustrating scrolling and zooming to read your web content.

Suite 171 knows how your mobile website needs to function and will guide you through the strategic planning of your device friendly website. We have been building device friendly websites for years. We will design your forms to function on phones and tablets, structure the menu for mobile formatting, use fast loading code and images to make sure the site loads quickly for mobile users, allowing them to use less data when visiting your website. If you're ready to build a new mobile-friendly website or redesign an old website, contact us.



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