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Tried and true website SEO and web marketing that help businesses increase ROI. You need a website that's in front of potential clients when, and where they are looking.

Search Engine Marketing for Fargo.

Website Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Website SEO is critical to your web marketing in Fargo. It's important for you to stand out from the crowd, engage, and convert your customers on the Internet and on mobile devices. But you don't need a business web site that's buried in the search engines. You need a mobile friendly search engine optimized website that keeps you in front of potential prospects when and where they are looking.

What is Local Search? More than 80% of people search locally first for products or services online. Only about 1 in 10 people will click on paid ads. That means that your business website needs to be found on page one and in one of the top positions in Google. Just like ours.

We Started Just Like You

We started our small web company and website just like any other new business. And even in 2004, the online search engine competition seemed a little overwhelming and maybe a bit of an unattainable goal to get noticed. Pay-per-clicks were an option but also a very competitive and costly. We either had to pay to play or get to work on a long term solution. We knew we were very new on the web but had to get our website in front of customers or our local business would suffer. Our website designers knew if we wanted to get noticed online and make an impact in the search engines it would be an uphill battle but we had a plan.

Our web strategy was to focus on website search engine optimization (SEO) and organic placement to drive traffic. The answer to our problem was to implement a long term strategy that included quality website design, architecture, search engine optimization (SEO), and content. Even though we were a new company and we were buried in the search engines and our hard work paid off. It took a few short months to secure and maintain one of the top spots for our industry keywords, but it wasn't an overnight success. We still had quite a bit of work to do. Our website has been and always will be the one marketing investments we can't live without. Not that much has changed in the last twelve years. Even today, the same approach is more affordable, relevant, and very effective.

We didn't use Paid Search Advertising PPC as a primary source of web marketing because we invested in website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but maybe you want PPC. We provide these services:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your visibility, and possibly your bottom line. If website optimization isn't incorporated the correct way it could be the difference between getting your website listed on the first page or the third page of search engines.

Website (SEO)

Website search engine optimization (SEO) is natural, trusted, and produces great results. This is only because the return on investment (ROI) for updating your website is the tried and true methods that increase traffic, build your business, and generate revenue.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns (Google AdWords, PPC) can be an effective way to increase your businesses website visibility, increase traffic, and generate more sales but shouldn't be your main priority. Three things you should do before starting any Pay-Per-Click advertising is to update to a mobile friendly website, write relevant content, and enhance your website SEO. These three things will give you a huge boost in any search engine, and is a very critical step to starting a streamlined Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. Read more about Pay-Per-Clicks

Social Media Marketing - SMM

We help you build a social media strategy to improve your brand presence on social media platforms. Social media marketing helps your business engage and grow your customer base.

Suite 171 will help you create a web marketing strategy that incorporates the online tools that are right for you. Your business is unique and your target market is specific. We will help you discover the social media platforms that are right for your market and create a strategy that is implementable and focused. Your website is a major part of this strategy. We have the right website package to meet your budget and your web marketing needs. We will build your site in such a way that it enhances the efficacy of your plan, allowing your site to be a hub for all of your web marketing.



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