Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Every business needs a social media marketing plan, even the ones that don’t seem to fit on social media. Think of social media as a network of individual cheerleaders for your business. Some are effective and some have no influence at all. You need a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of the social media platforms that are right for your business.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Suite 171 will help you figure out which social media platforms will give you the best results. Not every social site is right for every business. You have to think about your target market and discover where they go online – and for what purpose. With that information, you can be in the right place at the right time with the right message.

We have a number of tools to help you create and implement a social strategy. On such tool is our social media perpetual calendar. This allows you to set a schedule that is right for your marketing plan, strategically plan the content and message, implement your plan, and understand how to measure the results. There is even bonus content that includes many Social Media Guides for best time to post, what to post, social media image sizes, and general instructions.

Suite 171 can create and implement a social media plan for you. We will work with you to create an effective plan that is right for your goals and your budget. And if you are interested in doing it all yourself but just need to know where to start.



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