About Our Company

Suite 171 Website Design Company in Fargo

We provide something diffrent than the big agency mentality, and cost that goes along with it's title. We are the leading custom web development company in Fargo offering web design and mobile app development services.


We are different because we are real web developers and programmers that write original code. Over a decade in the web development industry, our web development team has mastered the art of custom website design, branding, and web marketing.

Suite 171 will help you implement the most effective web and mobile design solutions for your business goals.

Suite 171 is a small team of web design and technical programming geeks that think beyond the desktop or browser. We aren’t new to web design or app development and often are underestimated by our competitors - which is great. No, we aren't a large development company but just as effective. We have been developing custom search engine optimized websites and software for years - since 2004. We’re very proud of what we do, and don’t think of it as just a job. We live for design and development.

Website Design & Development Services


For over a decade, our website design and web development company in Fargo, has focused on services like custom website design, web marketing, and website search engine optimization (SEO ). We believe, technology and web applications have simplified these services, and we can offer something better. Our team has developed over 900+ web projects in just about every state. So, you can just about imagine the thousands of lines of code we have written and pixels we have bent. These search engine marketing SEM and website SEO efforts have helped produce an unlimited amout of website traffic, leads, and increased sales form 5 million to 18 million. So yes, we know a thing or two about mobile apps, website design, website SEO, search engine marketing SEM, and social media marketing. Yes, our programmers are engeenering products for people, teams, businesses, and designers alike. Read more about our services, and about our website design company based in Fargo. All of our web design and mobile app projects are handcrafted tailored made, and refined by us in Fargo. We take normal websites and make them mobile ready, adaptive, fast loading, so they work on multiple devices. Every website design we develop includes website SEO and is mobile ready, so you can focus on your business.

Mobile App Development Services


Mobile app development hasn't been on our radar for the last 12 years - but it is now. We're ready to rock your Mobile App idea! This isn't our first rodeo - Our development history started before mobile apps were cool. In 2005, we designed and developed interactive applications for touchscreen interfaces for home management, media control, and enhanced applications across multiple platforms. We have also had the opportunity to work with IP addressable units and Industrial Control PLC programming. In 2013, we invested 2200 hours into developing a full website content management system CMS for mobile ready websites.



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