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A web mobile app design and development company based in Fargo, ND, we have been designing business websites, creating web marketing plans and SEO campaigns for a decade and a half. In the last few years, we have been developing mobile apps and custom software. Suite 171 is a family owned company since 2004. We live and breath our craft. This isn't our second job or a hobby, it's our livelihood. This is all we do! We believe in helping businesses that set realistic budgets to reach attainable goals. Our priority is to see our clients reach their full potential. Hire us.

Web design, SEO, and digital marketing results are nice to talk about— real results make all the difference! To be the best web design or SEO company in Fargo, you have to be experts. Like Us

For website design, SEO, and digital marketing in Fargo, North Dakota, better, faster, more traffic and sales—by Design wins every time. This is the place that similar firms aim to dominate. It takes an exceptional website, digital marketing, a good marketing process, and hard work to stay ahead of our over saturated design market.

Let's get real. People don't search Google to see result on page two or three. Don't get lost in the noise. It's hard to believe that website seo and mobile design is still even a conversation. Local search engine placement is really easy for such a small market like Fargo. Things like website seo, digital marketing and mobile optimization is second nature for us. It's built into the process and hardcoded into every website design we do. Can more traffic and visibility help your business? Then, hire the experts.

Mobile website design or app development fit for a purpose - your business goals.


End to end development strategy based on cutting-edge web and mobile technologies.


Full lifecycle support and website CMS & maintenance.
Tried and true website SEO and digital marketing that help businesses increase ROI.


Launch with a development process that works. We are fast, efficient, and on budget.


Balanced web marketing services to help grow your business.


What if your website could be your main source of digital marketing? Your business would grow and thrive. We can help get you in front of potential customers when, and where they look.


Android, iOS App Development


Android, iOS, Web app development, Python software development services. Before apps were cool, we were developing software for PLC's, home automation systems, and full content management systems (CMS) for businesses. Our first Android mobile app includes a mobile CMS integrated into a WordPress API. We are very excited to offer our Android, iOS, Hybrid mobile app Progressive web app development services. Get a Mobile App Estimate App development perfectly suited for any simple app with minimal functionality to an Enterprise level mobile app. If you can click, swipe, or tap it - our developers can build it for any device!

WordPress Website Design Services

Our WordPress web design is focused on mobile devices and browsers. We ensure your business website is available online and on mobile devices - so you never lose a customer. Our custom website design or ecommerce website design services are ideally suited for blogs and content type websites. Websites that do not require advanced user interactions or native features found on iOS and Android mobile devices. We offer simple WordPress website themes, child themes, or custom web design solutions to fit just about any size budget. Get in touch - it's that simple.

Website SEO & Website Strategy


The benefits of website SEO are undeniable. When your website is properly search engine optimized it's one of the best forms of advertisement for your company. You generate more traffic, leads and can grow. Let's face it, most people only search through the first page of Google - right. So, you don't need a website that's buried on page three. You need a website that's in front of potential clients when, and where they are looking. We help we make sure your business website shows up by using the most effective website strategy and techniques. Website SEO works just like you found our company - exactly the website SEO you need for your company. Right... contact us.

Digital Marketing Service


Digital marketing and online advertising like Paid Search - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or SEM is one of the fastest ways to get immediate advertising. With paid ads - you can get instant results when your ad campaign goes live. We can help manage your internet marketing needs. The fact is, PPC marketing is normally used because your website isn't search engine optimized, but with the proper web strategy in place - we can fix that. We implement a well rounded web marketing strategy to set you apart from the competition and get's you found online. Our web strategy will address and fix your website SEO issues and promote your business by using social media and other marketing channels. A relevant web marketing plan that truly builds your brand and weens you off the need to buy paid advertising. Ready to grow your business? Get a Web Marketing Estimate

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